Big B, not the little one.

Abiola Biya
Dec 8, 2023


the little one

This year has been something. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t struggling. Somewhere in between overwhelmed and languishing, around but never really present, disappointed but not surprised.

But as the year started to wind down, I thought a little more about all my experiences throughout the year. Celebrating with family, spending time with friends, closing projects, traveling, laughing, dancing, just existing. It’s worth being thankful for and celebrating. I made it. I’m here, always kicking it. Doing what needs to be done. Showing up where I’m needed. Pushing P.

So, shoutout to me. My strength. My resilience. My grace. My effort. My compassion. My growth. My wisdom. My steadfastness. My consistency.

And my fear. My inadequacies. My shortcomings. My guilt. My struggles. Shoutout to you too.

We go again.

Abiola “Standing on Business” Biya.