New Year, Who Dis?

Abiola Biya
2 min readDec 8, 2018


No shawty, it’s my birthday!

It’s my birthday.

I never really liked my birthday. Mostly because it is at an awkward time of the year, too close but still too far away from Christmas to be truly enjoyable. Also, most people don’t remember anyway and what’s the point of a birthday when there is no one to celebrate with?

Beyond that, getting older was a legit fear I had growing up. The idea of me becoming an adult truly terrified me so I detested my birthday. But I eventually came to terms with it, I think. Growth is not a bad thing and it is a part of life.

But nothing prepared me for the growing up I had to do this year. 2018 really did a number on me. I haven’t achieved up to 50% of my goals for the year and I am disappionted but not surprised, na my way be dat. Frankly, I did not believe I would make it. There were times that I was certain the stress and anxiety would become so great that I’d simply not be able to go on but here I am, breathing and smiling.

So, to God, who has been my everything, I’m thankful. To my entire family, who love me and support always even though I don’t deserve it, thank you. To my friends, who are always gassing and stanning me forever, I love you. To a once upon a time lover, who opened me up in ways I thought was impossible, thank you. To my church, who have become a family of sorts, I stan. To my co-workers, who always appreciate me, I’m grateful. To my twitter fam, who are my therapists since I can’t afford one, you are doing amazing sweetie.

Finally, to a new year, another twelve months of giving them so they can take, #WeMove.

P.S. It’s my birthday. Send me dollars. OKURRRR

Laters, babies!